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Oblique Strategies for Leaders are one hundred invitations to explore novel, indirect leadership approaches.

What are Oblique Strategies for Leaders?

Whenever we face a challenge, or when we are looking to improve our leadership behaviour, there are a small number of obvious approaches that spring to our mind. Things that we’ve done many times before, or things that have worked well in other situations. Those would be the obvious strategies.

So why then do we consider our situation a challenge, and not rather a no-brainer? Could it be because we doubt whether the obvious strategy is a very good strategy at all?

Oblique Strategies are one hundred suggestions of alternative approaches. The ones that don’t spring to mind. The ones that do not propose linear behaviour towards a goal, but rather invite to influence the conditions from which the team, person, or company may create their own solution.

Oblique Strategies can be used in regular or occasional self-reflection, or as a resource in peer coaching sessions.

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