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Oblique Strategies for Leaders

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One hundred coaching cards for self reflection, boxed, with leaflet.


170 in stock (can be backordered)

One hundred invitations to explore novel approaches as a leader. To take your leadership to the next level, you want to…

–   explore oblique approaches, because you know the limitations of the obvious. 

–   find novelty to transcend your habits.

–   get inspired to build your own solutions, because no text can tell you what to do. 

–   trigger your flow of associations, so you can make something that fits your context. 

–   browse through one hundred options, because every approach is irrelevant most of the time. 

I will certainly suggest these to others as an interesting stimulus.

– Edgar H. Schein, author, The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, Humble Leadership



Oblique Strategies for Leaders are a tool for self-reflection. You browse through one hundred cards on the look-out for something novel that speaks to you right now because it has relevance for the unique context that you face. They never give you a solution. They may give you a direction to search for your solution. They offer a dilemma, a role, or a perspective worth investing. When you find the right card, it is the beginning of a fruitful thought process…


There is a growing youtube playlist which explains each card with examples, and an explainer video for the ways in which you can work with the cards. Click here for the online user manual. 


Option: Personalise your cards with your company logo

For orders over 50 copies, you can personalise the box with your company logo, and get a bulk discount from 20% upwards. Please contact

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  1. Dan Ford

    4 out of 5

    A Leadership tool that is refreshing, unique and fun to utilise.
    Each card with just a few simple words, statements or questions that can change your thoughts and approach depending on the context that they apply or are applied to.
    I would highly recommend giving this a go.

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