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Do you recognise this situation?

In Peter’s company, it’s yet another change initiative. Team structures are being adapted and tasks reattributed. As long as no-one is used to the new collaboration, tensions and misunderstandings are the rule. Top performance is no longer part of the flow, but can only be achieved with excruciating effort and frustration.

In Anna’s case the whole industry is confused. Everybody propagates aspirational growth targets, but no-one really understands to what extent they are realistic. The current buisness model is under threat, and there is no convincing story how the company can muster the challenges of the future.

Rebecca seems to have drawn the lot with all the difficult customers at once. They constantly call her with last-minute orders, just because they couldn’t be bothered to stick to the official deadlines. Instructions are never complete. And whenever Rebecca hurries up and assumes the details to be the same as in the last ten orders, she is certain to pick the one case where everything is supposed to be different, and gets a bashing for being too proactive.

In all three cases the situation has a negative impact on people’s attitude and performance, and the most valuable employees start looking for another job.

But why should you accept this hands down?

We believe in people’s potential to take a constructive, resilient perspective. Everybody has it in their own hands to strive in averse conditions. If employees or teams don’t realise this potential, it’s often because they simply don’t know how.

This is exactly what greytogreen delivers: a simple method to explore new approaches and stay in control when the going gets tough. Tension gets quickly removed out of the equation. People develop a new level of maturity.

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