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Adelson Color Illusion: If you believe that your brain shows you what’s there – look again.
Agent System coevolution: Donkey that acts like a puppy
How to use multiplyers to catalyze a social system into choreography. 8 professional dancers. 500 enthusiasts who came to a rehearsal and spread throughout the audience. 20 000 people who only learned about it in the moment.
Carsten Schloter on leadership
This happens when people don’t know what to do in a roundabout – and when the structure does not constrain you too hard. This is a “best of” compilation of one hour of traffic shortly after the roundabout opened.
Pianist Herbie Hancock on how Miles reacted to his mistake – this is what we all need to learn.
How to create a movement – think of modulators, and nudghing a system
A wonderful description of the complexity thinking behind the Swindon Magic Roundabout
The more complex the situation, the more often we are “reacting” to something that we have created in the first place. Does this make us more victims, or authors of our own destiny?
Models – From the BBC’s The Brain with David Eagleman.
We depend on our internal model. But beware of the moment when they are not correct!
Perspectives – From the BBC’s The Brain with David Eagleton.
If we perceive only part of reality, how can I tell my perception is the same as yours? And if this is the case with colour, how can it not be the case with what’s going on in the company, or in the market?
Compare this way of organizing traffic to street lights.
Swisscom Leadership Lab
Description of the Viable System Model by Stafford Beer. Film by Malik Management
From BBC The Brain with David Eagleman. Sensory information arrives at the brain at different speeds. Our brain synchronises the events according to a meaningful story.
The Whirlwind – How not to manage strategy execution
What most people miss about strategy
Psychological safety (smalltalk): what is ok to get you from 7 to 8 may be out of place to get you from 2 to 3.
Psychological safety: even where there are good intentions: the power difference, lack of structure and lack of clarity (what needs to be improved next?) make for a tense and hectic situation
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