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Bernhard Sterchi

Bernhard Sterchi

is Managing Partner of Palladio, Basel, and Associate of the Enterprise Development Group, Palo Alto. An expert in corporate culture and leadership development, he focuses on complexity oriented leadership.
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Herman Gyr

Herman Gyr

is a founding partner of the Enterprise Development Group, Palo Alto, a Palladio strategic alliance. He is an established authority in developing cutting edge innovation processes and culture, for Silicon Valley organizations as well as for those who follow in that path.

Hans Rudolf Jost

Hans Rudolf Jost

is the founder of Change Factory, Zurich. An expert in story management, he covers all aspects of corporate mindchange, organisational development and business steering. He is in high demand as a keynote speaker and top management sparring partner.

Diane van den Berge

Diane van den berge

is co-founder of greytogreen, France. She has a large expertise in helping teams and individuals develop new perspectives, as well as in conducting enterprise transformations on a global scale. She has created and managed a number of companies in a variety of industries.

Andreas Erbe

Andreas Erbe

is the founder of launchlabs, Switzerland. He is one of the pioneers of Design Thinking in Switzerland and an expert in creating spaces for innovation. He is an experienced facilitator and coach for agile innovation projects and customer-driven transformation initiatives.


michael schwarz

is Managing Partner of step 5, Zurich. He is a client oriented and business driven
 Management Coach with a proven ability to
 design and implement complex organisational and people development on a global basis.

Ralf-Eckhard Türke

is founder of Sustainance, Zurich. He has brought a new, generative methodology of Governance to the market that boosts adaptivity, productivity and agility in the organisation. He helps organisations create a collective focus on purpose and value-creation.

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