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Amongst today’s leadership skills, dealing with complexity is a bit like a toddler’s communication with Santa Claus. All know it’s important, but few know how it’s done.

Palladio translate complexity for the practitioner. The Amber Compass, with its mental models, focus areas and activities, serves as the core structure around which leaders can improve their competence. The purpose is to avoid copy-pasting recipes, and instead to develop one’s capability to build solutions that fit to context. Because if there is one thing we know, it is that your next encounter with complexity is going to be different and unique. And just like the workings of Santa, no one will fully understand it.


A good idea is only good at the right time and place.

Oblique Strategies for Leaders are one hundred unusual perspectives on indirect leadership. They trigger your self-reflection, inviting you to browse through many options until you find one that speaks to you right now.

They quickly expand your range of available angles – knowing full well that once you’ve found a good way to look at a situation, you are perfectly capable of figuring out what to do.

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Problem solving gets fundamentally different when things are complex.

This little online puzzle represents the smallest conceivable step into a complex setting. And yet, it is a tough nut to crack – but it can be solved!

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