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In Memoriam Carsten Schloter

We are devastated by the tragic death of Carsten Schloter, CEO of Swisscom.

I cannot understand what has happened. But I would like to help those of us who want to remember the person he was, at least as a professional. Someone who has a very compelling way of reflecting about his behavior and leadership.

Earlier this year I have published a text based on an interview with Carsten. I am reposting this text below, together with the full audio recording of the interview. Maybe it transmits more of how this man has been reflecting, how he developed his thoughts on the corporate mindset, on leadership, and on himself.

That is how I would like to remember him.

 Carsten Schloter – People’s Energy for the Corporation

Carsten Schloter in conversation with Bernhard Sterchi, 4 December 2012

How to run a business that has to compete in an ever faster moving world of innovations in technology and customer needs? Swisscom has mastered these challenges better than many in the industry. In addition, in my opinion, Swisscom stands out by the fact that the management team has a high awareness of the importance of the common mindset for the performance of the company. On another occasion, Carsten Schloter has even gone so far as to say that the bottleneck in the recent complexity crisis is not the technology, not the money, but people. The following key messages from our conversation describe his present focus in leadership.

Carsten Schloter_Energie von Menschen

Carsten Schloter_People’s energy

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