What we can learn from the organization whose innovations are in just about every technological device around you!

When it comes to groundbreaking digital, technological and scientific innovations, SRI International is the backbone of Silicon Valley. SRI’s very business model is innovation, either as a contract research and development institution, or with the purpose of developing, and then selling or licensing out breakthrough technologies. Examples range from the computer mouse to LCD display, SWIFT banking system, HD television, and the software at the basis of SIRI and Nuance.

So how do they do it? Is it just because they have managed to collect a bunch of geniuses?

Not quite.

In this conversation, SRI’s CEO Curt Carlson and Palladio Associate and EDG Principal Herman Gyr talk about  SRI’s current innovation system. Describing some of its central elements, principles, and processes, and sharing the experience they have made with SRI’s legacy and its latest development, they show how tangible, practical, but also how disciplined a systematic approach to innovation can be.