One of the most powerful, and often most neglected, ways to convey values in an organization is the leader’s everyday behavior: giving example, setting agendas, opening, closing and contitioning people’s possibilities to achieve what they want.

We believe that the competence of consciously letting your actions be influenced by values, and of thereby rendering values more influential, while coming as a natural talent to some of us, can be acquired by everyone. It includes the understanding of some simple elements, such as:

  • How values work, and why some of them become more influential, and others less.
  • How you understand what your own values are, and why this understanding is essential to your capability to convey company values.
  • How different values come with different roles, and how this affects your credibility as a human being.
  • Which possibilities and limitations to your influence on the values of others are implied in your leadership role, and how values can be used to balance freedom and intervention within a delegation.
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