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Leading Value-Driven Key Players

Innovative organizations attract innovative people, and innovative people are often driven by a set of strong personal values – check out the Hacker Ethic (something entirely different to the popular image of Computer Security “Hackers” or “Crackers”) for example. How do these people devote themselves to a company cause, and what do they do when a change in corporate strategy or practice suddenly produces a conflict between their own values and the values represented by their employer?

We believe that consciously incorporating this type of employee into your leadership equation is key to your company’s attractiveness for these people and to their retention, and therefore key to your competitive edge in innovation.

You Can’t get eagles to fly in formation.

(Kevin Roberts, CEO Saatchi & Saatchi)

We help you

  • Understand the variety of your value-driven employees
  • Get your leadership team to develop their competence in leading value-driven key people
  • Intregrate value-driven key people into the way the organization deals with its corporate values
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