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Oblique Strategies for Leaders

Much of leadership is context specific and occasion driven.

A good idea is only good at the right time and place. If you read a book, listen to a speaker, or watch a video, you may get new ideas that are very useful – somewhere, sometime. But they most certainly are not adapted to your context, and may come at the wrong moment. 

This would make a word like systematic leadership seeem a contradiction in terms. Oblique Strategies for Leaders proove the point that systematic leadership is not difficult, but different.

The idea is to tease and trigger reflection in novel ways, shaping new perspectives beside the usual patterns. And to make reflection, and the look-out for the serendipity of a good teaser, a methodical, routine activity. So when the occasion comes, you are close with your routine of inspired reflection, and you are ready in a novel way.

We have come up with one hundred such teasers, available as self-coaching cards. And we can help you set these cards up in the context of coaching, training, and peer supervision, in order to trigger off a self-managed wave of growing leadership maturity.

I can see how periodically flipping through the cards can help us to think about what is important, what we may have overlooked, and how to think out-of-the-box. I will certainly suggest these to others as an interesting stimulus.
– Edgar H. Schein, author, The Corporate Culture Survival Guide, Humble Leadership

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