Palladio Leadership Labs put highest demands on faculty competence. On one hand, facilitators need to be able to deliver useful content on any topic that might come up in a participant’s case, ranging from business topics  to systemic and psychological issues – with no time for preparation. On the other hand, one moment they may be in the role of the classroom faculty delivering content on a stage, and the next moment they need to be accepted as an individual coach on face level.

For this reason Palladio certify for a restricted, carefully selected number of highly senior facilitators who have proven to be capable of delivering a Palladio Leadership Lab. At the moment these include:


Daniel Dunkhase,

Dirk Gouder, Geschäftsführer,

Christoph Schmitt, Learning & Development, ABB Switzerland

Diane van den Berge, co-creator,


If you like to know more about available facilitators or if you want to be considered for the licensing process, please contact us.

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