Disinterested Feedback

Functional managers within an organization often feel that there is space for improvement in the quality of cross-fertilization they get on their challenges.

Within the company, it is almost impossible to get truly disinterested feedback. Across industry associations, you might have disinterested contacts and best practices, but amongst potential competitors, openness becomes an issue. Outside the industry, you might not have the contacts to people fit for qualified exchange.

When you want to do something new, It is important to really  pay attention to negative feedback. This may sound like simple advice, but hardly anyone does that.

(Elon Musk, Founder of Paypal, Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX)

Our contribution

We open our networks to set up small groups of functional lookalikes. Exchanging ideas with people with similar functional challenges in various industry contexts helps you improve your own horizon.

What lies beyond is up to you.

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