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Strategic Storyline

Looking at society or organisations when they develop a high power to mobilise and focus people, we usually find an all-encompassing storyline which gives purpose to the many priorisations and decisions in everyday life. In the modern age, technological progress might have been one of them, or the Cold War. The American Dream is one, too. Narrowing down our perspective to specific business contexts, we find an abundance of more or less powerful storylines co-existing, such as the necessity of growth, the virtualisation of customer interaction, or the blessings of shared services.

Within individual organisations, we might also find such storylines, usually connected to strategic challenges. Every day, hundreds of decisions on all levels are guided and could be explained by a very limited number of such storylines, and demonstrate to the entire workforce why things make sense. They build a bridge between strategic and operative rationale, provide guidance to empowered employees in their own decisions, and thus render the company faster and more agile in their internal decision-making processes.

The culture I’m trying to create is one where every year when we celebrate another record result, I get up on the beer box and I say, “Thank you for doing all of the things I never asked you to do.” I don’t want to control. I want to create context. I want to create clarity of culture and strategic choice, but then I want people to surprise me.

(Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, ex CEO Lego)

We help you identify the essential storylines in your organisation, shape them in a clear, compelling message, integrate them into the operational leadership and communication activities, and use them within an effective framework of management unity, delegation, and autonomous, purpose-driven, self-alingning execution.

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