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How to use Oblique Strategies for Leaders

Oblique Strategies for Leaders can be used to find new angles in a specific context, or to explore new leadership approaches independent of context. You can work with them alone or in teams.  

Context based use

1. Situation  
Choose a situation where you are looking for new approaches or solutions. This could be a project, a task, a specific challenge with coworkers, with a team, with the organisation or with other parties.

2. Exploration           
Search for cards which could be relevant in this situation. Ask yourself briefly what each card could mean in your context. E.g.: “Let them shine” – Who is “they” in your context? What could “shine” mean – standing in the spotlight, or internal motivation? Don’t they shine enough already? etc.        

3. Reflection       
What do the selected cards invite you to focus on in particular? To what question does this perspective prompt you? Work in two phases: a) observe and understand the situation, b) find solutions. 

4. Concentration    
After several cards you get many possible approaches. Chose what looks the most promising, and put it to action.  

Option: Application as team consultation. Distribute the available sets of cards in the team. Step 1 by case owner. Step 2 by the team. Step 3 is a conversation between team and case owner. The team tries to expand the case owner’s perspective. Step 4 by case owner. 

Idea-driven use     

1. Pick a card that makes you curious. 

2. Think what perspectives and approaches it could imply. You can find more information on the youtube playlist “Oblique Strategies for Leaders“.

3. Reflect how this could be relevant for you. Where would it offer a worthwhile alternative? How could you try it out?

Options: Repeat as regular practice, e.g. weekly.       
Application as team learning: Discuss step 1-3 in the team. 

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