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Cynefin Cards

The Cynefin Playing Cards are the didactical backbone of our Beyond Bureaucracy Training. They lead you through a number of small team conversations on everyday activities such as traffic and shopping experiences. By discussing them with a group of peers around a table, you develop a sensibility and clarify your understanding of complex situations. When after that you encounter concepts, theories and methods, you’ll find that they are just generic labels and explanations of conclusions that you have already come to. This way, you will learn about the nature of complex adaptive systems, the Cynefin Framework, and the Amber Compass bottom-up, almost without noticing how different and unfamiliar some of these notions are.

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I very much liked to participate together with adults and see the difference between my way of thinking and theirs. I managed to follow the argument, and I had lots of fun. I adore the first part on understanding the difference between complex and ordered. I’m looking forward to replaying the game at Play14 Milano!

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